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42 - Aurora

42 - Aurora
Scott Bennett
Partial panorama

After posting '42' I discovered that Auroral activity had been moderate that night. I was thrilled to find I'd captured a pretty image of the green glow of the Southern Lights contrasted by the orange glow of Ross.

According to Douglas Adams in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, 42 is "the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything".

This '42' represents the 42nd Parallel and 42˚S. The 8.5 metre sculpture by Rebecca Coote was created for the Drawing the Line project. The sign is located on the Chiswick property overlooking Ross from the north.

The lights of Ross glow at the bottom of the frame.

The viewpoint of the photo is such that a vertical line drawn from the horizon between the 4 & 2 represents the local meridian that passes through the South Celestial Pole and indicates direct South. The elevation of the South Celestial Pole is 42˚ above the horizon (Just above the top of the sculpture).

*These shots were made with the permission of the property owners, who kindly allowed me to access the paddock in the middle of the night ;-)

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